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With over 25+ Different Unique Tastes, Sultanser Kurabiye is the Most Superior producer company on the market.

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We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your satisfaction as much as you do, which is why we offer the best cookies around with our dedicated staff. In addition, Sultanser Kurabiye constantly offers different packing options, free samples upon request by our customers. Our #1 priority is you, the consumer.

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Endless Possibilities: The Only Magical Word You Have – CHOOSE

Sultanser Kurabiye’s powerful production policy and packing options along with its unique tastes let you create any design style with just a request. These simple yet powerful options allow us to satisfact any type of consumer. For us, we gladly supply.

Incredible Selection: Our Specials

Sultanser Kurabiye is loaded with special selections, each one with its own unique tastes. Our proficient masters is always looking for the best quality and taste just for our friends. These specials are taste-awarded. Wanna taste?

Special Sultan Cookies

Those crispy cookies are delicious-if needed to be defined by one word. Mastered by the best ingredients origined from the different areas of Turkey, we have found the great taste of all. Pistaschios, Peanuts, Raisins, Sunflower Seeds and the Sesame Seeds have been combined with perfect amounts. Voila!


Yoghurt and Fruit Cookies

Thousand years old Turkish Miracle – Yoghurt. Think about that we have used this miracle as an ingredient for our one of special products. Furthermore, we have added some fruits like raisins in order to find the unique taste. These cookies are worth to taste, very powerful with ingredients and best of all!


Corn Cookies with Fruits

Do you know what is the mostly used agricultural ingredient after wheat? Yes, Corn is the correct answer. Let us introduce our ultimately delicious cookies with corn and meticulously chosen fruits like raisins. Those cookies are like our stars, . Only handmade quality and the taste can be comparable!



Those Are Just A Few Main Specials, There Are Plenty More Services We Can Offer!

  • We are supplying additive-free cookies with the best quality ingredients

  • Customizable ingredients for allergic issues

  • Handmade cookies with ultimate quality with reasonable prices

  • Supplying a wide range of products which can be customized upon your request

  • We can provide private label service, special package and global transport solutions

  • Free of charge sample cookies to let you control the taste and the quality

  • For all deliveries, we are supporting the process for hassle-free shipment

  • Pallet quantity shipments, mixed container load option

  • For the payment issues, different options for mutual benefits

  • Guarantee for 100% Handmade Quality

  • Different Certification and the Analysis can be performed upon request

  • Your visit to our facility is always welcomed

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